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3/21 – DEADLINE EXTENDED: Contrary to the information at the end of this post, the deadline for submissions has been extended until the first pitch is thrown on Opening Day, March 31, in the US (as opposed to the two games early opening day games in Australia between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks). For individuals who have submitted their picks in a timely fashion, you are welcome to amend any or all of what you’ve submitted. For those of you who are slaggards, your procrastination/careless reading of the previously announced deadline has been ‘rewarded’. However, in case of a tie in any of the contests, the individual who first submitted the prediction will be declared the winner.

Contest #1:

Make a prediction about the 2014 MLB baseball season.

Your prediction could be about a team (e.g., Yankees again will miss the playoffs), about a player (e.g., Jeter won’t play out the season and will only hit .265), about a record (e.g., an extra inning game will go 27 innings*), about an ‘event’ (Ryan Zimmerman will play 12 games at first base), or about whatever you think has a chance of happening in 2014. Lots of possibilities. One prediction only.

Of the predictions that come true, MillersTime readers will determine which one is the best prediction (and, therefore, who wins the prize). In the past, voters have selected the most specific predictions, ones that showed both baseball knowledge and a willingness to predict something a bit unusual.

(* Brooklyn Robins 1, Boston Braves 1, 26 innings (tie), May 1, 1920. The game tied for the most innings ever played in Major League Baseball was made more remarkable by the fact that Brooklyn pitcher Leon Cadore and Boston hurler Joe Oeschger each worked all 26 innings.)

Prize: Your choice of One of These 20 Best Baseball Books Ever Written.

Contest #2:

Pick any MLB team and predict what their regular season record will be in 2014. Also, will they make the playoffs, and how far will they go if they do?

Prize: Two tickets to a regular season game in 2015 that you would like to see. I’ll try to get a particular game if possible.

Contest #3:

Three years ago the Washington Nationals’ record was 80-81. Two years ago it was 98-64 (and they made the playoffs), and last year it was 86-76.  What will their regular season record be this year. Tie-Breaker: Will they make the playoffs, and if yes, how far will they go? If they will not make the playoffs, why not?

Prize: Two great seats/tickets to a Nationals’ game in 2015 (will try to get the specific game the winner wants to attend).

Contest #4:

Will the Red Sox or Yankees have a better won-loss regular season record this year? Will either or both make the playoffs? Tie-Breaker: What will the split be in the 19 games they play against each other?

Prize: Two tickets to a Sox-Yankee game in 2014. Winner can choose the park and whether or not I join (use the second ticket).

Contest #5: Race to 406:

Ted Williams was the last MLB player to hit over .400. In 1941 he hit .406, going 6 for 8 in the final two games (double header) of the year, games he could have sat out and still ended the season at .400.

Pick a player whose batting average (sans decimal) and RBIs combined add up closest to 406. Tie-Breaker: How many HRs will the player of your choice hit?

Prize: Your choice of one of these books on baseball statistics.

(Thanx to Chris B. for this contest.)

Contest #6:

Who will be in the World Series? Who will win it all?  Tiebreaker: Who will be the WS MVP?

Prize: Two WS tickets for 2015.

Get you predictions in soon. In case of a tie on any contest, the individual who submitted his/her prediction first will be the winner. (Each year it seems as if at least one contest is decided by which prediction was submitted first.)

You don’t have to make predictions in all six contests.

But be sure to answer all parts of any contest you do enter, including Tie-Breakers as some of the contests winners will no doubt depend on the Tie-Breakers.

If you get a friend or foe to participate in these contests, and if he/she wins and has mentioned your name in the email to me making the picks, you will join in the prize also.

Submissions can be sent in an email to me: Samesty84@gmail.com or can be left in the Comment section of this post. (Thanx to LW for pointing out the need for this sentence.)

Deadline for submissions: March 22, 2014, when the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks open the 2014 season in Sydney, Australia.