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One of the delights for me being able to pursue interests other than professional ones is having time to read and think about some of those other interests.

Today’s post links to three articles that I have found particularly interesting about sports.

And you do not have to be an obsessive sports’ fan nor do you need to pick baseball over football or vice versa to enjoy them.

The first two articles (sent to me by BT) are written by a football player who is particularly gifted in his ability to convey what it is like to be a professional football player, to fail at that profession, and to continue to pursue his dream to play.

Both of his articles are worth your time I believe:

* What It’s Like to Get Whacked, by Austen Lane

* A Game with No End, by Austen Lane

The other article I draw to your attention (thanks to AR for alerting me to this one) appeared yesterday in the New York Times and discusses the current ‘decline’ in interest in baseball as the ‘National Pastime’, some of the reasons football (and other sports) has/have gained in popularity, and the differences between them.

Its author, Jonathan Mahler, doesn’t seek to persuade you about one sport over the other but rather writes about how they differ. And, perhaps, as interesting as the article itself are the Comments by readers that follow the article. If you have the time and the topic interests you, there is much here to enjoy and consider.

 Is the Game Over, by Jonathan Mahler