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Judging from what the Sox have done on August first, won two games in walk off fashion, one in the 15th and one in the bottom of the 9th (that one they were behind by five runs), the Sox could win 62 games in August alone. At least if they had two games a day scheduled.

I know. I know. Won’t happen. But maybe the usual August swoon won’t happen either. Enough players are healthy, there are some back up players available, they seem to have a good balance in their pitching-hitting-fielding, and the management and team chemistry, if those are factors, seem quite good. At their current winning percentage of .600, they would end up winning about 97 games. If they simply break even in their final 52 games, then they’ll end up with 92 wins.

I’m not lining up to cash in the Pennant and World Series bets I made in Vegas last winter. But those of you who laughed at me for staking my children’s inheritance on those tickets may yet have to change your views.

Also, the reports are that Ortiz will not be suspended for his dugout tantrum (he also threw his elbow pad onto the field (that’s a no no) but apparently has received a ‘stiff’ fine. The fact the the MLB has not even made a pubic statement about Ortiz’s behavior is not good, IMHO. While Papi is one of my favorites, sometimes he seems a bit “too big for his britches,” as an old friend, Lee Reilly, would say. I would add that entitlement is not becoming.

If you don’t have much to do, there are two articles that you might find of interest, one about baseball and one about football. Take a look:

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