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-AP Photo/Matt Slocum

AL Wins 2013 All Star Game, 3-0                  (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

As I posted earlier, no one correctly chose the answers to all three questions in the MillersTime Baseball Contest #3 (Winner of All Star Game, Score, MVP). In fact, no one even predicted two of the three correctly.

There were a few creative suggestions on what I should do to choose from those who had some of the answers and/or were close on some of the questions.

Previous multiple winner Tiffany Lopez had a terrific suggestion, saying  I resort to the time tested ‘rock-paper-scissor’ means of dispute resolution. Tim Malieckal suggested I chose the person who had Cabrera as the MVP because he scored the first run in the 3-0 AL win. And several contestants said I should choose the person who was closest to the final score since no one correctly got the Rivera as the MVP.

I went with the contestant who was closest to the final score.

Thus, one Tim Malieckal, who had the final score AL 4-2, is the winner. (Tim suggested I chose the person with the closest MVP choice, which was not him. Either he’s an honorable gentleman or one with a poor memory.)

So Tim will join me in 2014 at Target Field in Minneapolis for next year’s All Star game. He has to get there at his own expense, but I’ll have the tickets. He can also choose to wait until 2015 at go to the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati if he prefers.

Thanx to all who participated and those who sent in suggestions for how I should choose the winner.

The other 2013 contest winners will not be decided until the end of the season, and in one case, the end of the World Series.