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 No matter your team loyalty, you’ve gotta respect this guy and what he’s done.

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No one in the 2013 MillersTime Baseball Contests got all the correct answers to Question #3 (Who will win the All Star game, what will the score be, and who will be the MVP).

Overall, however, a majority of you picked the AL to win (56-44%), tho no one got even close on the score.

And no one foresaw Rivera being named the MVP.

So what to do?

I think I need some help from MillersTime readers on this one.

As far as score goes, the closest prediction was AL, 4-2.

As far as MVP, two of you chose Cabrera and one chose Bautista (8 chose Trout and 5 chose Cano, but neither of those figured in the scoring, defense, etc.)

So, what do I do? (The prize is a seat with me at the 2014 All Star game).

1. Give the prize to the person who had the score 4-2 (This fan had Trout as the MVP)?

2. Give the prize to the person who had Bautista the MVP (This fan forgot to say what the score would be)?

3. Give the prize to the person who had Cabrera as the MVP (This fan had the score 6-4 for the AL)?

4. Some other decision? Please specify.

I’ll set one week (July 24) as the deadline to submit your thoughts, which I will take into account before I declare a winner.

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Update: 10:20 AM:  Just learned that the person who was scheduled to join me this Sunday for the Nats-Dodgers game cannot make it. Be the first to contact me, either by email (Samesty84@gmail.com) or in the Comment section of this post, and you get to take his place for the 1:35 game.