…actually, three winners in the Caption Contest.

There was a tie for first place between:

Gosh darn it, I forgot to take off Barbara’s socks… Come to think of it, these undies are a little snug, too… (#4)


I’m pretty sure Laura said pink was the color to support breast cancer. Crap, what if she’s wrong and it’s actually gay rights?!  (#3)

Just missing a three way tie by one vote was

Forever a preppy…  (#1)

Taking into account the slight kerfluffle about an incorrect listing of “Forever a Preppy” (I first listed it as “Always a Preppy”), I have ordered three pair of pink socks with black polka dots to send to:

Tiffany L. of Denver, CO (#4)

Elizabeth M. of Miami Beach, FL (#3)

Robert W. of W. Hartford, CN / Palm Beach Gardens, FL (#1)

Prizes will be on their way as soon as I receive them.

(Personally, I liked # 2 the best: Who wears brown with pink before Memorial Day?)

Finally, one alert contestant questioned whether Papa Bush was wearing two different pant legs, one brown and one grey. Just the lighting, or is Bush Sr. on to something new? I’ll need help with this as one of the {many} challenges with which I struggle is a ‘slight’ color blindness in the brown, green, grey, blue areas.)