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Five finalists in the Caption Contest for the above picture:

1. “Forever a preppy.” **

2. “Who wears brown with pink before Memorial Day.”

3. “I’m pretty sure Laura said pink was the color to support breast cancer. Crap, what if she’s wrong, and it’s actually gay rights?”

4. “Gosh darn it. I forgot to take off Barbara’s socks. Come to think of it, these undies are a little snug too.

5. “George finally came out of the closet with a pair of Barbara’s socks.”

Vote once by leaving your choice for the best one in the Comment section on this post or send me an email (Samesty84@gmail.com). It’s OK to get your friends/foes to vote too.

Deadline for your vote: Monday, May 6 at 4:38 PM, EST.

Winner gets a pair of socks similar to Papa Bush’s, or the closest match I can find.

**Update: 5/4:11:59 AM. I mistakenly wrote “Always A Preppy” when I first posted this at 7:54 AM this morning. Fortunately, the author so informed me of this egregious error, writing, “That word “Forever” was very important to my caption–captures George’s senior’s very old age and apparent state of health in the picture.” The author further indicated that this error voids the results “whatever they might be” as well as calls into question all of my contests. Said author suggestion my hiring auditors or lawyers or the Sunshine Foundation [sic.] to check my results.