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If you enjoy or love reading, then September 2012 is a good time for you.

I’ve reviewed two books recently by first time writers, both about 30 years of age, that I believe are worthy of your time and attention. Tanya Chernov has written a deeply emotional and honest memoir about her odyssey during and following her beloved father’s death — A Real Emotional Girl. Kevin Powers’ novel about three young soldiers experiences in Iraq and what one of them experiences after he returns home — The Yellow Birds — is perhaps the Iraqi war’s equivalent to some of the best novels about Vietnam, WWI & WWII.

Now there are two more new books, this time from well established writers, for your consideration, ones I have not read but have been looking forward to reading and will begin as soon as I finish this post. (Note to wife: if you are unable to reach me in the next few days, just leave a message…)

J.R. Moehringer, author of the wonderful memoir, and one of my favorite books from a few years ago, The Tender Bar (he also wrote, with Andre Agassi, the wonderfully insightful and honest book of Agassi’s life, Open), has just published Sutton, an historical novel about Willie Sutton.

J.K. Rowling, we all know what she’s written, has also just published a novel. Her The Casual Vacancy is not a children or teen story, tho some of the main characters in this adult novel are indeed teenagers.

For those of you whose lives do not regularly include listening to NPR and Fresh Air, I link below to two programs that were aired this week, one with Moehringer and one with Rowling. Neither seem to contain ‘spoilers,’ but both will whet your appetite I suspect for the books themselves. Additionally, there are book reviews out this week in various publications about both novels.

NPR: Steve Inskeep Interviews J.K. Rowling. When click on this link, you will find a partial transcript of the interview but even better, there is a link (on the link) to the entire 26:45 minute interview with Rowling (scroll down and look for “Hear an Extended Interview” on the left-hand side of the page).

Fresh Air: Terry Gross interviews J.R. Moehringer. Again, once you open this link, look near the top of the page for the additional link to the 38:39 minute interview.