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MillersTime reader JC emailed me today, asking what I thought the Nats’ should do concerning Steven Strasburg.

Here is my answer:

If I were Rizzo, I would proceed as follows:

1. I would meet with just Steve and his family and lay out, in as detailed a fashion as possible, what the various medical folks say about what is known concerning the year following Tommy John surgery and what they recommend, including conflicting recommendations.
2. Then I would tell Steve and his family to take a week to consider what they want to do and come back and let me know their decision.
3. And I would honor that decision.

Proceeding in this fashion is not to absolve Rizzo or the Nats’ of responsibility, but it is to give the Strasburgs the right to decide for themselves how to proceed.

Nor is it because it is likely they would choose to continue the season into the playoffs.

In fact, I would offer to keep this process confidential, and if the Strasburgs chose to shut it down now, or at any time before the end of 2012, I would offer to let their decision be presented as my choice, if they wished.