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John Feinstein in today’s Washington Post*:

Pitching Strasburg in October is not a betrayal. It’s simply recognizing that circumstances have changed…Not pitching him is a betrayal: to the pitcher, to the team, to the fans and to the city.

If you haven’t read Tom Boswell’s piece on this issue, also in the Post, read it, and then let folks know what you think.

(*Hat Tip to JC for pointing out this article.)

Sox ‘Trade’ ?

PS – For those of you who are no doubt awaiting my great insights on the recent Sox trade (firesale?), I’ll spare you. I suspect we haven’t seen the end of the Sox moves to repair their (our) broken team. Plus, there’s enough already written about what they did last weekend. Basically, no one really knows or will know for some time whether it was brilliant, stupid, etc. Father time will so determine.