If you plan to be at Fenway this weekend for the Sox-Yunkees four game series, or if you know someone who will be there, then I urge you to read Jere Smith’s recent blog and his call for an “Anti-Boston Sports Media Sign Weekend.”

That’s a mouthful, but basically Bosox blogger Smith says the Sox fans need to let the Boston media know what a terrible job we think they are doing.

He calls for fans to bring protest signs to Fenway this weekend as the games are likely to draw large TV and baseball audiences. Basically, he argues, the Boston media need to take a good look at themselves and what they portray about the Sox.

I largely agree. While I don’t think the media’s role is to cheerlead for their home team (and I don’t think Jere wants them to), neither is it’s role to continually bash the team.

Recently I posted some thoughts on the poor job I think Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo are doing in their commentary and analysis on Sox games for NESN (see second half of this post). I hope a few of the signs this weekend will call them out too.

Fenway has remained a treasure because it has been updated and refurbished. The reporters need some refreshing themselves.

The Boston media reporting on the Sox is tired, lazy, and too often centered on the writers themselves. I have the pleasure of having a writer such as Tom Boswell in my morning (WaPo) sports section. And then there are writers such as Joe Posnanski (Joe’s Blog) who also inform, teach, and add to my understanding of baseball. The Boston media could learn a lot from these two.

Were I going to Fenway this weekend, I’d carry a sign with one of the following messages:

*Remy to the DL

*Refresh NESN

*It’s the Boston Media That’s TOXIC

Let’s force the Boston media to take a look at themselves.