Thanx to friend Anita Rechler, the above picture, taken May 13, confirms that indeed Sam Wo’s is closed and has yet to satisfy the Health Department that it meets code.

The owners are trying to see if it is financially feasible to do so.

We can only hope.

Except for this San Jose reviewer of Sam Wo’s:

“I hate to be the one to destroy all of your love for the quintessential stereotype of Chinese people from the 17th century, but as a Chinese American, I think this place is RUDE, DIRTY and the FOOD IS a C+. Sorry, I know there is a lot of melodramatic history–huhaha of our rudeness which is weird that we enjoy it and still practice it.

“I am GLAD this place is closed for Chinese people, we deserve a cleaner/nicer place, try Cupertino or San Mateo joints.

“My personal opinion is that this place is an embarrassment to Chinese people!

“I am ready for the hate emails now. But I respect your opinion !

Xie Xie for reading!”