I have an extra ticket for a Tuesday, April 3, 3:05 PM preseason Red Sox vs Nats game in DC.

First person to claim the ticket, either by leaving a message in the Comment section or emailing me (samesty84@gmail.com), gets to join me and buy me a hot dog (Kosher).

Also, I am part of three different ticket groups with the last drawing Mar. 31. I will be listing games to join me and also a few games where folks can have two tickets if I cannot attend.

Preference goes to folks who have joined the 2012 MillersTime Baseball Contests, tho that is not a must.

If you have a particular game you are interested in attending with me, let me know now.

If you have a game you know now that you’d like two tickets for, also let me know now, and I’ll put you first on a list (sometimes for free, sometimes hoping for a reimbursement).

Anyway, I will be announcing the games I do have shortly after Mar.31. So check in if you’re interested.