Here they are — the six 2012 MillersTime Contests.

It may be a bit early for some of you to focus on the best seven months of the year, but remember, in case of a tie on any contest, the individual who submitted his/her prediction first will be the winner. Also, be sure you include your Tie-Breaker predictions as some of the contests last year were decided by the Tie-Breakers.

Contest # 1:

Make a prediction about the 2012 baseball season. Your prediction could be about an individual player, a specific team, a two team match up, who will improve the most, decline the most, win an individual title, throw a no-hitter, or whatever ‘strikes’ you.  When the season ends, I’ll take whatever predictions came true, and let everyone who participated in the 2012 contests vote on which prediction is best and deserves the prize.

Prize:  Two tickets to a game in any stadium in either league next year. (I will do my best to get the specific game you wish but only promise the stadium you choose.)

Contest #2:

Last year the Washington Nationals improved their season record to 80-81 over the previous year’s 69-93.  Predict whether they do better or worse this year?

Tie-Breaker: What will their season record be for 2012?

Prize:  Two tickets to a 2012 Nats game of your choice. Seats hopefully will be four rows behind the visitors’ dugout.

Contest # 3:

At the All-Star break, Predict which teams will be leading in each division?

AL East
AL Central
AL West

NL East
NL Central
NL West

Prize: Two seats for a game in any stadium of your choice for 2012.

Contest # 4:

MLB Teams play 162 games during the regular season. In 2010 the Yanks were 95-67, 2nd place, and the Sox were 89-73, 3rd place.  In 2011, the Yunks were 97-65, 1st place, the Sox were 90-72, 3rd place.

Predict the regular season won-loss records for both teams in 2012.

Tie-breaker:  What will be the main reason the Yankees or Sox have the better record – pitching, hitting, defense, managing, the social life of a particular player, injuries, etc.

Prize:  Two tickets to one game of either the American League or National League Divisional playoffs this year. Winner’s choice.

Contest # 5:

The Red Sox and Yankees play 12 or their 18 scheduled games after the All Star break July 9.

Predict the won-loss record of those 12 games (i.e., Sox 9-3 or Yankees 5-7, etc.).

Tie-breaker: The last three games of the season between them take place Oct. 1-3.

1) Will these games determine where the Sox/Yankees end up in the standings? 2) What will be the outcome of these three games (i.e., Sox 3-0 or Yunks 1-2, etc.)?

Prize: One ticket or two tickets to one Red-Sox-Yankee game in the 2013 season. Site of the game will be dependent upon which park I am able to get tickets. Most likely, I will attend the game with the winner (assuming I am on speaking terms with the said person). Or, if the winner prefers, he/she can choose the person with whom they want to attend the game.

Contest # 6:

Pick the World Series winner for 2012.

Tie-breaker: Pick the two teams playing in the World Series.

Prize: Two tickets to one 2013 World Series game.

Send your picks to me at before 1:05 (ET), April 4, Opening Day. And you don’t have to participate in all six contests.

Finally, if you get a friend or foe to participate in these contests and he/she wins, if he/she mentions your name in the email to me with his/her picks, you will join in the prize also.