Which do you think got the most votes for the best Stove League prediction:

* #2 – Pujols to the Angels


* #33 – Sox lose their captain and don’t sign Varitek

If you said #33, then you are correct, by a 2-1 margin (10-5).

And so the prize of two tickets to a game in any stadium of the winner’s choosing for the 2012 season goes to Monica Roper.

Lest you think that Monica won because there are more Red Sox fans responding to this contest, you would be wrong.

Monica won, I suspect, because she got a bunch of her friends to write in and push for #33 as the best prediction.

And since there was no prohibition on her doing that, she is rewarded with the prize, even tho a purely objective view would probably say the Pujols prediction was a better, less obvious one.

Anyway, congratulations to Monica and all of her friends who are now and forever on my Go Sox mailing list.

And don’t forget there are only about 19 days and some hours (’til Opening Day) left to get in your votes for the 2012 Contest: Click Here.