Thanx to the sharp eye of blogger Jere Smith (A Red Sox Fan from Pinstripe Territory) and an email he sent the other day, I learned the Red Sox have seen the error of their ways (Click Here) and are making corrections, at least the ones having to do with the stadium tour.

For those of you who read Go Sox regularly, you no doubt remember (Jere did!) I complained last year that the Sox tour of Fenway was pretty poor (Click Here).

Well, I can’t claim credit for the following, tho I’m tempted, but in a recent press release, the Sox said:

*The ballpark tours will be revamped to provide a more rich and rewarding experience for every fan who visits.

*Tours will be more interactive and historical enabling fans to enjoy a more complete Fenway Park experience.

*There will be 64 plaques, 26 displays of historical items from “The Nation‟s Archive” and 10 historical markers throughout the ballpark totaling 100 items, up from about 46 currently in the park.

Let me and others know if you take the tour and what you think. I hope to do so in June and take Jere with me.