For those of you who have been around a while, the columnist/humorist Art Buchwald every year use to publish his explanation to the French of our Thanksgiving (le Jour de Merci Donnant). For some reason, I never tired of rereading it.

So taking his idea of repeating something that is (arguably) of interest and value, I am beginning an annual repeat of a column and a link I posted two years ago. The idea to do so came about after I was chatting with a younger sports fan who knows more about baseball than I do, probably because he plays fantasy baseball. But he didn’t know much about Tom Boswell, the author of the article that has changed the way I look at baseball.

And when this young chap read the article, I think it may have also changed how he will now watch baseball.

Anyway, here it is for 2012:

Baseball’s Open Secret, Hidden Key