The Yankee I always feared the most made it official yesterday as he announced his retirement.

It wasn’t only that bloop single off Pedro in the 2003 that made me ‘hate’ him, tho that is still one of the more painful examples of what he could do to the Sox.

Jorge didn’t have as much talent as Derek, Mo, or ______ (put in any one you choose). You always (almost) knew what Mo would do to you in the 9th. And you knew that Jeter would always get on base when he needed to. You didn’t know how Jorge would beat you, but too often he did something to hurt you.

He had grit. Had he been on the Sox, he would have been one of the “Dirt Dogs.”

I can’t think of any better compliment to make about a ball player.

If you didn’t see his retirement announcement in its entirety yesterday, check it out below.

Tek, are you are there?