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JUST A DROP by Ellen Miller – a lone rock remains to be crushed by time (Namibian Desert)

Many of you have commented over the past few years about your enjoyment of Ellen’s photos from our various trips throughout the US and abroad.

A panel of judges at Wilderness Safaris, one of our favorite outdoor travel/adventure companies, has chosen Ellen’s photo above as a finalist in one of their four contests, African Landscapes.

If you think the photo above is worthy, you can cast a vote for her photo, as the winner(s) will be chosen exclusively by visitors to Wilderness Safaris’ website.

You have to register to vote, but there is a box to check so you will not receive any future mailings from Wilderness Safaris.

Do vote in each of the four categories as there are some truly amazing photos in each.  As you vote, the display will automatically move to the next category. Ellen’s photo is in the category of African Landscapes, and, as you can see above, it’s a picture of a lone rock on the vast red/orange of the Namibian desert.

The link to voting is here.

Full disclosure: There is a prize for the winning photos. But when I urged Ellen (she describes it as ‘extreme coercion’) to enter the contest, we knew nothing about prizes being attached to contest. I simply felt it could be fun to see how others who do not know Ellen would judge her work.

And while it would be rewarding to be chosen as a winner, the fact that her desert rock photo has made it to the finals in this amazing collection of photos is certainly an honor in and of itself.

Voting closes 10 October 2022

(PS – Feel free to pass this post on to one or two friends.)