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I’m going to be away for many Nats’ games in August and would be glad to pass on some tickets to those of you who (still) want to see a Nats’ game.

Here are the dates that are available, on a first come, first serve basis, with no cost to you, The seats are quite good, Section 127, Row Z, Seats 1, 2, & 3., about 20 rows off the field between the catcher and first base.

Friday, Aug. 12, 7:05 vs Padres, 7:05, three tickets

Saturday, Aug. 13, 7:05 vs Padres, 7:05, three tickets

Sunday, August, 14, 1:05 vs Padres,t hree tickets

Monday, August 15, 7:05 vs Cubs, three tickets

Wednesday, August. 17, 1:05 vs Cubs, three tickets

Friday, August 26, 7:05 vs Reds, three tickets

Saturday, August 27, 7:05 vs Reds, one ticket

Sunday, August 28, 1:05 vs Reds, three tickets

Tuesday, August 30, 7:05 vs Athletics, three tickets

Wednesday, August 31 vs Athletics, three tickets

If you are connected with an organization that could use tickets to give to staff and or students, you’re welcome to these games also.

You do need to have the MLB Ball Park App on your phone as the ‘only’ way I can forward tickets are through this AP. No more printed tickets. (In an ‘extreme situation,’ I could go to the Box Office and get a set printed out, tho I would have to do that soon as I’ll be away for most of the days above.)

Let me know if you’re interested in any of the games above. And if you only want one or two to a particular game, that’s OK as I can try to sell the remaining ones…

Contact – Samesty84@gmail.com or 202-320-9501.