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For those who have long been readers of MillersTime, it will come as no surprise that I am a Liberal.

In any of the many definitions of that word, and the beliefs it indicates, I am without doubt a “person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change.”

Longtime readers of MillersTime are also probably aware that for the past several years, I have moved away from writing about politics and have largely refrained from posting articles about what is occurring in our country.

Nevertheless, I have continued to read, follow, and be absorbed by the state of our union. I believe the deep divisions throughout our nation, and what I believe are threats to the healthy functioning of our democracy, are distressing and ominous.

Rather than just continue to read and worry about these issues without trying to do something about them, increasingly seems foolish and a waste of time and energy.

I’ve seen seen numerous thoughtful and worthy suggestions to answer the question, “What Can I Do Now.” I have been particularly impressed by Robert Hubbell, the author of Today’s Edition Newsletter, who believes we need to “Do More, Worry Less.”

Hubbell focuses on a variety of organizations and possible ways to be involved, beyond just making donations, and has written about them over the last few months. These include:

Chop Wood, Carry Water; 31st Street Swing Left; Field Team 6; The Civics Center; Future Now / The States Project; Next Generation Politics: New Faces of Democracy; Ask Nurses & Doctors; Students for Justice; Vote Riders; Maya Maravilla, DNC Midwest Regional Desk for the Civic Engagement and Voter Protection;

Hubbell started his newsletter in February, 2017 “as an effort as to provide hope and perspective to his family after the unexpected results of the 2016 election. Over time, it was shared among friends and became of community of like-minded citizens devoted to preserving American democracy.”

Hubbell has also begun a Podcast where he interviews the individuals from each of the organizations listed above. See his Jan. 12 Newsletter: Do Not Relent (scroll to the bottom of his post).

While I do not plan to turn MillersTime into any kind of political blog, I am using this post to begin to “Do Something, Worry Less.”

Finally, if you know of or are involved in other efforts that you’ve found particularly useful and worthy, please post them in my Comment Section.