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 “A Best Friend Is Someone Who Gives Me a Book I’ve Never Read.” A. Lincoln

I wondered in a previous post if there was any interest in contributors focusing on rereads for the end of August update on Favorite Reads. There seemed to be enough interest that I’m proceeding with the idea.

If you are interested and willing to participate, here are a few guidelines (I know some of you just want to stick with new books, which is fine, and I will of course include whatever you read between now and then).

Pick one or more books you’ve read previously (as a child, as an adolescent, in your young adult years, in your middle years, in your later years, recently, etc.), reread it with a few questions in mind:

  1. Why did you choose this particular book to reread?
  2. How was it the second time around?
  3. What particularly struck you in this reread?
  4. What accounts for any differences from the first reading?

Looking forward to what we discover.