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fullsizerender2Samantha at 9 months, the morning of the Chiefs’ dramatic Sunday night win over the Broncos.

Dear Samantha,

It happened again.

(I say ‘again’ because as you may remember, I wrote to you when you were a mere 6 3/4 months old about a comeback win by my beloved Red Sox. They overcame enormous odds as they were one out away from defeat (5-2) by that ‘Evil Empire’ – the Yunkees – in the bottom of the ninth. Then, when most people had assumed the game was all but over, they rallied and won 7-5. See Dear Samantha.)

Last night in Denver it wasn’t baseball. It was football, which just happens to be your dad’s ‘life.’

The Kansas City Chiefs (your dad’s employers) were playing one of their big rivals, the Denver Broncos, in a Sunday night game. Both teams had records of 7-3.

The lead changed hands eight times (including being tied twice) before the game was decided in Overtime. Here’s what happened:

2nd Q – 6:16 – Chiefs get a safety and lead 2-0.

2nd Q – 6:05 – Chiefs’ rookie Tyreek Hill runs back a Bronco’s free kick (safety kick) for a touchdown and lead 9-0.

2nd Q – 1:48 – Denver kicks a field goal. Score now 9-3, Chiefs.

3rd Q – 7:38 – Denver passes for a TD & kicks the extra point, now lead the Chiefs, 10-9.

3rd Q – :30 – Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill scores again on a pass from QB Alex Smith and with the extra point, Chiefs retake the lead 16-10.

4th Q – 7:47 – Denver passes for a TD and with the extra point, retake the lead 17-16.

4th Q – 3:02 – Denver passes for another TD and with the extra point, extend their lead to 24-16, with only three minutes remaining in the game. Many fans thought the game was all but over at this point.

4th Q – :12 remaining, the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill appears stopped at the one yard line, but a review of the play shows he only had possession of the ball once in was down in the end zone. With rookie Hills’ third touch down, the Chiefs are now only two points behind the Broncos, 24-22.

4th Q – :12 – Chiefs go for a two point conversion, and Alex Smith successfully throws the ball into the end zone for a completed pass. Score now tied 24-24 as regulation  time ends.

Overtime: Denver wins the toss and marches down the field.

OT – 8:51 – Denver kicks a field goal and regains the lead 27-24.

NFL rules say the opposing team has one possession to tie the score or go ahead. Otherwise, Denver wins.

OT – 4:19 – The Chiefs march down the field and kick a field goal. Score tied again, now 27-27.

NFL rules state the next team to score any points wins, unless the 15 minute Overtime clock runs out, in which case the game will end in a tie.

OT – 1:08 – Denver decides to try for a 62 yard field go to win. They miss. Chiefs take over.

OT – :05 – Chiefs move the ball from thei Broncos’ 48 yard line to get close enough to try a field goal. Their field goal kicker Cairo Santos hits the left upright, and the ball somehow goes through the uprights. The Chiefs go ahead for the win, 30-27 as the game ends.

Now the reason I’ve written all of this out for you is to once again remind you that no matter what it seems like might happen, you never leave until the game is over. There is always the chance your team can win at the very end.

The Chiefs were actually outplayed in this game as the Bronco’s had more passing yards and more running yards (464 – 273) than the Chiefs. Several times it seemed as the Broncos were within seconds of winning the game.

But in the end, the Chiefs did not give up, and they were able to win in the final five seconds.

In baseball, in football, in other sports, and in life, remember, you always have a chance to be victorious if you do not give up.



PS –

To see a replay of the highlights from last night’s game, including all the scoring, use this link. It will take you about 12 minutes to see the highlights of the game, and it is exciting to see.


Both of your parents were at the game. Your dad was there because it’s his job, and he loves to watch the Chiefs’ play.

Your mom left you with Nonna and GrandPapa and flew from DC to Denver to be with your dad and to see the game.

Can you imagine how excited they were when the Chiefs won? Be sure to ask them about this game. They will never forget it.