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I voted today (absentee ballot) for Hillary Clinton for President.

As I wrote in an earlier post about the DC Primary, this choice was an easy one to make. She is by far the most prepared, most serious, most competent, and most experienced of the two candidates. This vote is not simply a “lesser of two evils” choice. While I see and know her weaknesses and ethical challenges, putting this country’s future in her hands is the only rational choice to make.

In voting for Clinton, I am also actively voting against Donald Trump. If you look at his supporters, he has clearly tapped into an unrest that pervades this country. He has correctly identified that the political establishment — Democrats and Republicans — have largely chosen to serve the interests of those who have access to power and influence in government and not to those who are struggling.

However, Trump has also demonstrated, in so many ways, that he is both unprepared to be President and that he would be a dangerous choice.  Without going into detail (no doubt the reader has his/her own list), it is clear that he has both traded upon and unleashed hatred, intolerance, and encouraged violence. We cannot afford to have a man with Trump’s temperament entrusted with the powers delegated to the leader of our country.

Not voting or voting for one of the two third-party candidates is not an option as I believe that simply throws away a vote. See my earlier post on this point, There’s No Such Thing as a Protest Vote.

For me, and for our country, Clinton is easily the best choice. And to back up my vote, I will go to Ohio from Nov. 4-8 to help with a Get Out the Vote campaign.