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From time to time I link to or quote an article that seems to explain something that is going on in this country or abroad, something that resonates with me.

So this morning, I draw your attention to a column in the NewStatesman, Britain’s current affairs and political magazine. It doesn’t cover everything about Brexit (for instance there is nothing about the poor turnout of millennials who ‘backed’ the Remain side of the ballot – Brexit Is What Happens When Millennials Don’t Vote), but it does explain and react to some of what has occurred in the United Kingdom.

Don’t many of us, no matter our political views, feel “hiraeth“? That’s the Welsh word that roughly translates as a deep desire for home, “a home you can never return to, a home which may never have existed at all.”

See Laurie Penny’s I Want My Country Back, published yesterday in the NewStatesman.