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João Fazenda, NYTimes

And the season of (best/worst) lists has begun.

While we await the best (?) list of all — MillersTime Readers Favorite Reads of 2015 — hint, hint, reminder, reminder), here’s an early look at the Times 100 Notable Reads of 2015.

Despite my love of reading and my freedom to read at will, I’ve only read six of them (A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara, The Meursault Investigation, Karnel Daoud, The Sympathizer, Viet Tanh Nguyen, Between the World & Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ghettoside, Jill Leovy, and On the Move, Oliver Sacks).

Just one of these six is likely to make it to my favorites for 2015.

Plus, I’ve only even heard about three others (Purity, Franzen, Fates & Furies, Groff, and Jonas Salk, Jacobs). At least one of these I already know will show up on a MillersTime reader’s list.

Anyway, except for the wonderful nine of you who have already sent in your favorite reads this year, take this as a not-so-subtle reminder to make up your list and send it to me before Dec. 15th.