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MillersTime 2015 Baseball Contest # 5: Predict who will lead the AL and who will lead the NL in getting the most All Star votes in 2015. Which of the two will receive more votes?

No one got this contest exactly right.

Many of you thought Mike Trout would get the most votes in the American League (he lost out to Josh Donaldson by just 77,167 votes out of more that 28 million votes between them). Trout did lead off the All Star game, however, with a home run, off Zack Greinke, and scored twice to win the MVP award for the game.

In the National League, many of you had Andrew McCutchen, who did not even come in the top four. Bryce Harper, with more than 13 million votes, easily won over Buster Posey, Todd Frazier, and Paul Goldschmidt. Harper went 0-3 and struck out twice. Frazier won the home run derby.

One contestant, Justin Stoyer came close. He had Bryce Harper in the NL right (Justin was the only contestant to choose Harper), and he had Mike Trout (no one had Josh Donaldson) in the AL.

So Justin easily wins this contest and will get a “MillersTime Baseball Contest Winner” T-Shirt as his prize.

Final All Star balloting – 2015

American League:

1. Josh Donaldson  –  14,090,188

2. Mike Trout  –  14,013,021

3. Miguel Cabrera  –  13,834,271

4. Salvador Perez  –  13,747,294

National League:

1. Bryce Harper  –  13,864,950

2. Buster Posey  –  9,864,950

3. Tdd Frazier  –  9,233,686

4. Paul Goldschmidt  – 9,119,375

The other MillersTime contests will not be decided until the season ends.

However, if you had the Red Sox or any of their players in your predictions, I can tell you now, you will not win (except for ‘people’ like Chris Eacho who always says bad things about the Sox.)