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For most of my ‘professional’ life I worked with children, adolescents, and families in various settings –- Peace Corps, John F. Kennedy High School, The Psychiatric Institute, and The Frost School –- and in a variety teaching, counseling, and administrative positions.

Along with a group of five other colleagues, we established The Family Foundation, Inc. in 1975 that served as our umbrella organization for The Frost School and later The Frost Counseling Center. The Family Foundation still exists, with the purpose “to provide educational, counseling, and charitable support to individuals, families, and organizations in need.”

The Frost School was where I spent most of my working life. It was a day treatment program that combined academics, daily therapy, and family treatment for emotionally troubled children, adolescents, and their families. It continues to exist and now is part of The Sheppard Pratt Health Systems.

Although we, the founders of The Family Foundation and The Frost School, are now retired (or all will be when Carrie Trauth ‘finally’ retires in June), we still have one major remaining project underway.

And that’s where readers of MillersTime could be of help.

No. We are not going to ask you for money, but we would like you to help expand the reach of those who know about us.  The Family Foundation is increasing our grant making activities, and we are anxious to spread the word about the availability of these new resources.

Here’s what you can do:

You can check out our recently established website — www.thefamilyfoundationinc.com — to see specifically what we offer (more than just grants) to others.

Let us know of individuals, projects, or programs that you know of, perhaps have been or are currently associated with, that you believe could use our assistance.

Let others know about the goals of The Family Foundation and what we have to offer.

Often, the best leads we get for helping others come through individuals we know or who know of the work we’ve done.

So please, spread the word, encourage others to look at the website, and, of course, drop us a line, now or in the future, alerting us to worthwhile programs and individuals that we might consider supporting.


For further info, go to: http://www.thefamilyfoundationinc.com/