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Readers of this website probably know that I am as passionate about US politics and international affairs as I am about baseball, family, travel, and various other ‘escapes and pleasures.’

However, I have largely chosen not to make MillersTime a forum for my views on politics and international affairs. While I have not specifically tried to hide my views on these two subjects (I did write Walking. Knocking. Talking, about spending a week on a ‘get out the vote’ campaign for Obama in Ohio in 2012, for example), I only occasionally post in The Outer Loop and Articles of Interest sections of this website. And when I do post a comment, or a link to an article, it is because I think there is something of value that transcends the usual partisan politics.

Thus, a longish introduction to today’s post which links to two lengthy articles published this week. Each article, for me, told me things I did not know. Or rather, educated me beyond what I already knew about these two subjects.

The first article explains how and why the big banks in the US have escaped (and will likely continue to escape) legal consequences despite their illegal actions. Both Republicans and Democrats can be faulted here. I found the article disturbing, to say the least.

The second article explains the course of the Democratic Party over the past 50 or so years and goes beyond the ‘gasbag’ analyses that we are getting as a result of the major losses the Democrats have suffered in the 2014 mid-term elections.

I follow both authors, Matt Taibbi and Matt Stoller, Taibbi because he goes further than most journalists in his gathering of information, and Stoller because I think he is one of the brightest and most thoughtful progressive writers.

Check out:

Matt Taibbi: “The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JP Morgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare

Matt Stoller: “Why the Democratic Party Acts the Way It Does”

As always, your thoughtful and considered reactions to these articles are welcomed in the Comment section of this post or directly in an email to me.