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With the closing of the ‘polls’ at 7:23 PM Tuesday night, a winner has been chosen for Contest #1: Make a prediction about the 2014 MLB season.

Greg Roper (“Five no-hitters”) and Ed Scholl (“A team will play in the World Series that has either never played in the WS or not played there in 25 years”) were pretty close for second place. But it was Chris Eacho’s “Red Sox in last place at the All Star break and trade four of their Opening Day starters at the Deadline” that got the most vote from MillersTime readers. So, that Sox hater and O’s lover Chris Eacho, who always makes wild predictions, is the winner and gets to choose One of These 20 Best Baseball Books Ever.

Contest # 2: Pick any MLB team and predict what their regular season record will be in 2014. Also, will they make the playoffs, and how far will they go if they do?

Sam Poland was the first to predict the Yankees’ exact record (84-78). He wins and gets two tickets to a 2015 regular MLB season game.

Contest #3: What will the Washington Nationals’ record be this year? Tie Breakers: Will they make the playoffs, and how far will they go?

Elizabeth M. Tilis (a former winner, tho under a different name) won over four others who also got the season record of 96-66 exactly right. She was the only one who said they’d lose in the 1st round. She gets two tickets to a 2015 Nats’ game of her choic

Contest #4: Will the Red Sox or Yankees have a better won-loss regular season record this year? Will either or both make the playoffs? Tie-Breaker: What will the split be in the 19 games they play against each other?

Peter Shimm, (another former winner or runner-up?) is the winner and gets two tickets to a Sox-Yankee in 2015. (He chose one of the 20 Beat Baseball Books instead as his prize.)

Contest # 5: Pick a player whose batting average (sans decimal) and RBIs combined will add up closest to 406. Tie-Breaker: How many Home Runs will the player of your choice hit?

Dan Fischer wins this contest which went to the tie-breaker, predicting Trout would hit 36 home runs (he hit 37). He chose one of these 20 Best Baseball Books as his prize. Also, because he came up with this meshuganeh idea for a contest, Chris Bourtourline also gets to choose one of the 20 books. (Incentive. Incentive. Incentive. Come up with a question for next year’s contest.)

Contest #6: Who will be in the World Series? Who will win it all? Who will be the WS MVP?

No one had the Royals in the WS and only two contestants had the Giants in it (both predicting the Giants would lose).

So, there is no winner this year.

However, Elliott Trommald predicted, “No one in the Millerstime Contest would accurately predict the winner this year.” So, by the power invested in me by me, Elliott is awarded his choice of one of the 20 Best Baseball Books Ever.

And thus ends the contest for this year. Know that I’ll be looking for a few new baseball questions (prediction questions) for next year’s contest. You can send them to me whenever you think of a good one.