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It’s ‘every’ boy’s dream to be at bat in the bottom of the 9th with the chance to win the game and the World Series.

Alas, for Royals’ fans, the result last night disappointed.

But what a season it was for the Royals.

And it was a wonderful playoff season for all of MLB, from the wild card games, which resulted in both wild card winners making it to the World Series, thorough the Division Series and including the Championship Series.

As for the World Series, it’s always better when it goes seven games. This time either team could have won. The Giants, thanks primarily to Madison Bumgarner’s outstanding pitching, prevailed, 3-2 (for the third time in five years). But it could have easily been the Royals.

The biggest winner?

The fans.

As for the final two MillersTime Baseball Contests, here’s where we stand:

Contest #1:  Make a prediction about the 2014 MLB season:

Below you will find all of the predictions the MillersTime contestants made prior to Opening Day that came true (or, in a couple of cases, almost true).

As in the past, I leave it to readers to choose the one that wins the prize (Choice of one of these 20 Best Baseball Books Ever). Readers can apply whatever value they wish to why they choose a particular prediction. You can certainly vote for your own submission and get other participants to do so too.

Answers are listed in the order in which they were submitted.

1. Red Sox in last place at the All Star break and trade four of their Opening Day starters at the deadline. (True.)

2. Seattle not make the payoffs. (True.)

3. A team will play in the World Series that has either never played in the WS or not played there in 25 years or more. (True. KC.)

4. Sox will not make the playoffs. (Sadly True.)

5. Yanks miss the playoffs. (Gladly True.)

6. Nats have four 15 games winners. (They had three and the fourth won 14 games.)

7. Braves struggle all year and miss the playoffs. (True.)

8. Mike Trout AL MVP. (Not decided yet but mostly likely True.)

9. Giancarlo Stanton wins the NL Home Run title. (True.)

10. Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton will live up to what is expected of them, bounce back from their slumps, and put Angels in shape to win AL West with 95 wins. (Mostly True. Pujols had a particularly good year. They won 98.)

11. Astros lose less than 100 games. (True. They were 70-92.)

12. Five no hitters will be thrown in 2014. (True.)

Please vote by email or by leaving your choice in the Comment section of this post. Deadline for voting, Tuesday, Nov. 4 (Election Day!).

Contest #6: Who will be in the World Series? Who will win it all? Who will be the WS MVP?

Most votes for this contest had the Cards or the Dodgers and the Tigers in the WS. No one had the Royals in it, and only two contestants had the Giants in it (both predicting the Giants would lose).

So, there is no winner this year.

However, Elliott Trommald predicted, “No one in the Millerstime Contest would accurately predict the winner this year.”

So, by the power invested in me by me, Elliott is awarded his choice of one of the 20 Best Baseball Books Ever.

Remember: Vote for your choice of the Best 2014 Prediction by Nov. 4.