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by: JamieD On  9/3/10, Total ProSports.com. If you've never seen or want to see the Abbott-Costello piece again: http://bit.ly/1mV1fyH

by: JamieD 9/3/10, Total ProSports.com. (If you’ve never seen or want to see the Abbott-Costello piece again: http://bit.ly/1mV1fyH)

I’ve finally gotten around to summarizing some of your 2014 MillersTime Baseball Contest predictions. There are too many variables to put them all on a spread sheet as I’ve done before, but here are some of what the wise and not so wise fans said:

World Series Players and Winner?

Dodgers, Tigers lead all choices, with the Sox, Nats, Cards and Rays getting the most other votes.

Dodgers, you said, will win it all, and Kershaw will be the MVP.

Nationals’ Season?

Predictions ranged from 78 – 100 wins (one each of those). Most thought they’d win between 90-93 games.

You also said they would lose in the NLCS.

Red Sox vs Yankees series split?

Overwhelmingly contestants thought the Sox would take the series rivalry, winning between 9-12 of the 19 games. Those who thought the Yankees would win, thought they’d only do so 10-9. Outcome no doubt influenced by more Sox fans on this site, but even the Yankee fans on it were pretty negative about their team for this year.

(Two contestants had trouble with the math, predicting 9-8 or 10-6 when the total games will be 19.)

Race to .406 (combination of Batting Average & RBIs)?

Nothing surprising here. The usual suspects: Cabrera, Chris Davis, Trout, Goldschmidt, Papi, McCutchen. Cabrera won out over Trout.

Some of the 2014 Season Predictions:

1. Ellsbury will do well as a Yankee, hit over .300, steal over 50 bases, and hit over 15 HRs.

2. Ellsbury will do poorly now that he’s a traitor. Possible injury taking him out for part of the season.

3. There will be seven no-hitters in 2014 (another said five).

4. A pitcher for the Dodgers will throw three no-hitters.

5. Red Sox last at the AL break and trade four of their opening day starters at the deadline (suspect this ‘fan’ is shooting for a prize for “the worst prediction of 2014”).

6. George Spring, Houston, will be called up and win Rookie of the Year.

7. Os tie MLB record with four 30 HR players and will come close to a fifth.

8. Sox beat out Yanks for 4th place in AL East with 74-88 record.

9. Instant replay will cost the Yanks the division title or wild card.

10. Mariners win less than 65 games despite signing of Cano.

11. Espinoza wins back 2nd base and hits 28 HRs.

12. Zimmerman plays 25 games at first base.

13. Jeter fewer than 100 hits.

14. A team will play in the WS that has either never played there before (Seattle or Washington) or not played there in 25 years or more.

15. Jordan Zimmerman wins NL Cy Young.

16. Nats will have six 20 HR hitters.

17. Sox win back to back WS (Don’t laugh. This ‘contestant’ – daughter – called the Sox victory last year.)

18. Someone you know will eat a Combo Food Network Bacon Sloppy Joe and Buffalo Chick Mac N Cheese at the All Star game. (Daughter above is marrying this joker, who no doubt will have heart problems.)

19. Jeter will have a career ending injury.

20. Puig hits .369, leading both leagues and winning NL MVP award.

21. Nats will have four 15 game winners.

22. Braves struggle all year and miss the playoffs.

23. Trout wins AL MVP.

24. Two division winners will fail to win 90 games.

25. Verlander implodes.

26. Pojols and Hamilton rebound and put Angels in shape to win AL West with 95 games.

27. Washington will have a losing season, 78-83.

28. Jeter will go 2 for 4 in his last game as a Yankee.

29. Peter Burjos will bat over .300 and have over 40 stolen bases.

30. Five teams with exact number of wins as last year.

31. Tanaka wins at least 18 games.

32. Lacky wins 18.

33. Jeter will hit HR on Opening Day (didn’t happen) and also at his last game at Yankee Stadium.

34. Cabrera wins Triple Crown.

35. All five AL East teams will be within five wins of each other at the All Star break (So far, this one is on target).

36. Miami to make playoffs – Cinderella story.

37. Mets win five more games than the Braves.