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This week marks the announcements of Best Books of 2013 by a variety of sources, Goodreads, NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Amazon, Slate, Publisher’s Weekly, etc.

While MillersTime readers will have to wait until the end of December to see what other readers of this blog most enjoyed (you all are getting your lists together this weekend, aren’t you?), I thought I’d collect in one place what others are listing.

My personal favorite list, other than MillersTime of course, is the one announced by Goodreads, the on-line site where readers post books they’ve read and what they think about them. It is the only major book awards decided by readers. Almost two million votes were cast on the Goodreads site, and you can see how many readers liked various books when you click on a particular category (Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Historical Fiction, etc.).

Check these out while you’re waiting for the 2013 MillersTime list:

*Goodreads Choice Awards – Best Books of 2013

Also rans, 2013 lists chosen by editors:

NPR’s Book Concierge: Our Guide to 2013’s Great Reads

Washington Post: Top 10 Books of the Year, plus 100 notable works of fiction and nonfiction, 5 best photography books, 6 best audiobooks, 10 best graphic novels and more.

NY Times: Best 10 Books of 2013

Huffington Post: Best Books of 2013

Slate’s Book Review: Best Books of 2013: Staff Picks

Amazon: Editor’s Top 100 Picks for 2013

Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Books of 2013

Slate’s Overlooked Books of 2013