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I love this woman.

She’s the clearest voice in the Senate, perhaps in all of Congress.

Although she’s not the most dynamic speaker, what she says, how she says it, and the directness of her questions are a breath of fresh air.

Fortunately, the Republicans made a mistake when they opposed her nomination to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Now she is not only free to question witnesses, one of the responsibilities of our Congress, but we have her free to speak at will on a variety of issues.

Check out these two short excerpts (about five minutes each) from her recent speeches on the Senate floor. In both, once she gets into the heart of what she has to say, she nails what’s happening in our country.

(The YouTube videos may take a few moments to load, or you can just click on the link, but your patience will be rewarded.)

Hostage Taking in a Democracy:

The Anarchy Gang – Boogeyman Government: