If you live in the DC area (or happen to be here this weekend), love movies, get up at a reasonable hour on Sundays, and/or want to get a taste of the DC Cinema Club, join me this Sunday for a 10:30 AM showing of a movie whose title you will not know until you get to the theater.

As some readers of this site probably know, I’ve been touting the benefits of this ‘sneak preview’ Cinema Club for a number of years. Usually, the films shown have not opened nationally, are often ones that have garnered positives in the various film festivals, and usually are independent films.

Over the past few years, many of the best films I’ve seen I saw in the Cinema Club, including ones that never made it to the big screens or ones that were only shown briefly in a few small(er) theaters.

Often, there are discussions following the film, sometimes with directors or producers or a film critic or someone who knows films. But there’s no need to stay beyond the showing of the Sunday film (usually about an hour and a half).

Anyway, if you are able to get to the Avalon Theater on Connecticut Ave, NW in DC by about 10:15 this Sunday, I’ve got one free ticket as my wife has a work obligation and can’t be there.

Email me: Samesty84@gmail.com.

First to do so, gets the ticket.