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While we await Ellen’s photos photo(66)from our trip to Sicily (she has more to sort through than most of us take in an entire lifetime), I thought I’d offer a short quiz about our trip (and avoid a boring travelogue).

There are ten questions below, and three extra credit ones for those over achievers among you. You can put your answers in the Comments section or send them to me at Samesty84@gmail.com.

The prize of some wonderful pistachio nuts from the heart of pistachio growing area in Sicily, Bronte, to the winner.

Note: Many answers of the possible answers sound plausible. Find the Best answer (as defined by yours truly).

1. How many pictures did Ellen take over the six day period in Sicily, including both those with her new camera as well as her iPhone?

a. Less than 1,000

b. More than 1,000

c. Too many

d. Not enough

e. We don’t know yet


2. In Sicily, we (i.e., Richard)

a. Got a parking ticket

b. Got a speeding ticket

c. Got our rental car towed

d. All of the above

e. None of the above


3. Many Sicilians drive small cars because

a. They are environmentally conscious

b. The cars are inexpensive

c. The streets in many of the towns are extremely narrow

d. It’s easier to park a small car

e. Petrol is expensive

f.  Dents don’t matter so much on small, inexpensive cars

g. All of the above

h. Three of the above


4. The day we drove to, around, and back from Mt. Etna, which of the following did we not see?

a. Snow

b. A house buried to the roof top in lava

c. Cactus

d. Hot lava

e. None of the above

f.  All of the above


5. Why is it best to avoid the town of Paterno?

1. You’ll never find your way out of the town

2. You can’t park

3. There’s no place to eat

4. Joe’s family probably comes from there


6. Our favorite activity was

a. Driving along the coast and through the small towns of northeast Sicily

b. Wandering through the seafood market and eating in one of the little market seafood restaurants in Cantania

c. Climbing the steps and wandering through the narrow streets of Caltagirone

d. Strolling through Taormina and Castelmola

e. Driving through the countryside from Taormina to Caltagirone

f.  Driving around Mt. Etna

g.  Eating Sicilian food


7. Our favorite city in Sicily on this trip?

a. Bronte

b. Cantania

c. Caltagirone

d. Castelmola

e. Messina

f.  Paterno

g. Messina

h. Taormina


8. What is the best help for driving in Sicily?

a. GPS

b. Maps

c. Road signs

d. Hotel directions

e. Ellen

f. All of the above

g. None of the above


9. Most memorable sight.

a. Mt. Etna

b. Mt. Etna from the teatro greco in Taormina

c. Looking out from the top of Castelmola

d. Ellen enjoying her morning expresso and pastry and her evening gelato

e. Finding our parked car in Cantania


10. Why did Richard decide to carry his iPhone at all times while in Sicily?

a. In case Eli/Abby requested Face Time

b. To follow Elizabeth on Twitter

c. In case Ellen got locked in a bathroom (again)

d. For MLB news

e. So Ellen could tell me where she was


Extra Credit Questions:

1. Why won’t Ellen let Richard take pictures?

2. Where did the Romans get the lions?

3. Why did Ellen take Richard to a monastery (former) for his 70th birthday?