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Most readers of this website probably know I have long been a supporter of Barack Obama and even recently spent five days in Ohio working for his reelection.

Also, many of you know that my wife Ellen Miller has worked for years on the issue of money and politics and is currently the Director of The Sunlight Foundation, an organization she co-founded seven years ago to focus, among other things, on the issue of transparency in government.

So with those two acknowledgements, I link to a blog post by the policy director of Sunlight, John Wonderlich, where in he has come to believe President Obama is clearly now part of the problem of money and politics and cannot be taken as someone who can help clean up the system, something Obama promised to do when he ran for the presidency in 2008. If I remember correctly, he promised to have the most transparent administration ever.

Now, John says, “It’s time to stop worrying about how President Obama can help fix the system of campaign finance and instead worry about how we can fix what he has created.”

See the details of why John has come to this conclusion and why he now blames Pres. Obama for contributing to the problem in this short post, Transparency President No More.