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I voted today in DC*

Readers of MillersTime will not be surprised by my vote to re-elect President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Although I am not blind to the Obama’s administrations failures to deliver on all of his promises, it seems clear to me, as The New Yorker points out this morning, that this election presents two significantly different approaches to governing:

For me, Romney, at best, represents a future that we have already seen. – one that failed in the last Bush administration.

For me, Obama represents a future in which I believe – one that strives for tolerance, fairness, and equality.

Both candidates are reasonable men, intelligent and devoted to our country.

However, Romney’s move to the right and move away from the more moderate positions he has held most of his life is of significant concern.

Obama, while less progressive than I would prefer, has shown a willingness to consider not only his  ‘base’ but also what is fair for all.


(* There are three ways to vote in DC: Absentee Ballot, Early Voting, or Election Day Voting. Check out the DC Board of Elections Voter Guide to see your options and all of the candidates and issues on the 2012 DC ballot.)