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Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to Orioles Park for a 7:05 game between my beloved Boston Red Sox and those cranky Baltimore Orioles. I am attending said game with a long time Bal’mer resident (former) and fan (current).

You may know that the Orioles have a slight chance of knocking the Yankees out of first place in the AL East and into (or even out of) a Wild Card, one game playoff position. (The mighty Sox, alas, are at or near the bottom of their Division and will end the season with the worst record they’ve had in 30 or 40 years).

So whom do I root for?

My Sox or his Os?

Before you rush to advise me, know that said O’s fan referred to above last year cheered wildly at the end of the season game we attended together when the Os knocked the Sox out of the playoffs. He was merciless.

So, please advise how I should approach him and the game tomorrow.

As we will no doubt leave in the mid-late afternoon, this request for advice is urgent, and I hope you will respond by noon Friday, Sept. 28 at the latest.