Two articles I found particularly interesting and worthy of readers’ time in this morning’s NY Times lead to questions for both President Obama and Candidate Romney.

Assuming that generally both articles can be taken largely as valid, then what occurs to me are the questions below:

  1. Mr. President, in David Firestone in his Sunday Observer NY Times article “Don’t Tell Anyone, But the Stimulus Worked,” he asks why you and the Democrats have not discussed this success. I would add that you also (in your convention speech) did not give much mention to your other successful accomplishment – The Affordable Health Care Act (“Obamacare” ).

Thus, my questions: Mr President: If these are indeed true successes, why have you not let the country know about them? Why have you not told these stories?

  1. Mr. Romney, in David Leonhardt’s Capital Ideas NY Times column this morning (Do Tax Cuts Lead to Economic Growth?), he repeats a question he asked prior to the convention to Mr. Ryan: “Why a cut in tax rates would work better this time than last time?” Then, in his final paragraph, he writes: “But when you dig into Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan’s proposals and you consider recent history, the fairest thing to say is that, so far at least, they have laid out a plan to cut taxes. They have not yet explained why and how it is also an economic-growth plan.”

Thus, my questions: Mr. Romney: Specifically, why do you believe your tax cuts will have different consequences than any of the ones in the recent past? How is your plan to cut taxes in any way an economic-growth plan?

As always, I invite (thoughtful?) responses from MillersTime readers too.