For those of you who enjoy pictures of the kinder, here are some of the latest, including a Kodak slide show of the gathering for my sister Janet’s 70th birthday in Atlanta.

T’s nice to see the next generation coming along so nicely, and their parents too.

(Randy & Corey are Janet’s sons. Jolie is Randy and his wife Val’s daughter, and Evan is Cory & his wife Julie’s son. Annie is my daughter, Abba (Edan) is her husband, and Eli and Abby are their children.)

Abby and Eli

Jolie, Annie, Abby, Janet, Cory, Evan, and Eli

Cory & Evan

Jolie & Randy

Jolile & Janet

Eli & Abba

Abby, Annie, & Eli

Abby and Eli

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