For some time now I have been annoyed by various (Boston) sports’ writers who seem to me delighted to create controversy, stoke ‘controversy,’ and generally confuse good sport’s reporting with manufactured controversies.

I know Boston writers have a history of being tough on the Sox (Teddy made it easy for them), but I’m not talking about that so much as the ‘manufactured’ controversies, the over interpreting, the seeming delight in augmenting even the smallest issue into a major bruhaha (sp?).

The latest along this line is the Bobby V comment on Youk and the fallout resulting. We all know that Bobby talks too much. But so do the (Boston) sports’ writers who need controversy to fill their columns.

I don’t plan to comment on each and every so called controversy this season, but I just read on a friend’s blog what I think is all that needs to be said about Bobby & Youk and whatever else will come along along these lines this season.

Check out what Jere Smith wrote last night in his A Red Sox Fan From Pinstripe Territory blog: An Elvis Man Should Love It.

He nails it.