I was sure I was about to have the material for a brilliantly funny post about two grand parents taking care of the grand kinder over night.

After all, the little prodigies were 3+ and 1+, and as wonderful as they are, sleeping away from Mommy and Aba was not their idea of a good time. And the younger prodigy has been known to prefer her mother to every thing else in the world.

So, I had my pencil and paper already to jot down the various disasters, starting when the parents dropped them off and continuing until said parents promised their return 18 hours later.

Alas, no ‘disasters,’ other than a skinned knee for Eli at the playground and a few ambiguous ‘noises’ from Abby when we couldn’t figure out what she wanted (usually she wanted her ‘lobey,’ who/which? apparently needs to go with her on the swing and generally protect her from the ‘strangeness’ of no parents for less than 24 hours).

Abby didn’t even realize her Mommy left.

Eli was busy making a birthday card for Grand Papa.

They were both patient and terrific when we went for pizza (‘four’ slices each!).

They were adorable in the bath and afterwards.

They both went to sleep with no problem and didn’t get up until after 7 AM.

So other than some of Ellen’s pictures, I am left without material for a posting.

Except, of course, the following.

Watching the two of them and having time to reflect, I began to wonder what my sister and I were like at that age, what our parents were like with us, and what experiences we had with our grandparents.

Not being able to remember life at 1-3 years of age, I suddenly wanted to ask my parents (no longer living) what we were like during those years. I wanted to ask someone what kind of parenting we had during that time. I wanted to know if that was a good time for my parents, for us.

And what about our grand parents? They were in our lives as we grew up, tho not so much at those earliest ages. What were they like with us, and what were we like with them?

What struck me this weekend was how much of those early important years of our lives occur that we really can’t recall, really don’t know much about. Of course, there are pictures and stories, but so much happens to each of us in the first three years of our lives, wouldn’t it be fascinating to somehow be able to observe those years now?