We’ve been doing some renovation in our house, and although I’m not sure exactly how it relates, my wife got me to clean out my closet area.

Don’t tell her the following:

In the process of going through my clothes, I came across 33 Red Sox t-shirts (in various sizes) and 11 Red Sox caps/hats (including one signed by Roger Clemens when he was a Yunkee). And there are also a number of Sox windbreakers, sweat shirts, and jackets, which I didn’t bother to count (probably less than 10).

My dilemma, if it is one, is should I pare down this ‘collection’?

I am taking seven bags of used clothing to a local center, and if my wife was not away on a trip, she would no doubt insist that I give up some of the Sox paraphernalia too.

My first thought is to make a vow not to buy another Sox shirt, cap, or jacket, unless/until (?), of course, they win another World Series.

Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

Just a few examples…