So I am reading about the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park and all the plans the Red Sox have for showing it off throughout the 2012 season.

No one asked me, but I have a modest suggestion for the Red Sox:

How about improving your tours of Fenway Park?

I wrote about this earlier (Click Here), but currently the one hour tours given are totally inadequate. You mostly sit in the empty stadium (which is kind of neat and a different view of the park than you usually get) and hear a tour guide give some history of the park and a lot of snide comments about the Yankees.

You get very little real inside views of Fenway.

On the tour of National’s Park in Washington, DC, for instance, you get to sit in the dugout, you throw a pitch in the bull pen, you see the locker room from the entrance door, you sit in the press box, etc.

No such insights at Fenway.

Apparently there will be one day in 2012, according to the press releases, where you will get a chance to see some ‘inside’ sights.

Why only one day?

Come on Red Sox, give us better tours every day.

(Maybe some (one?) of you reading this can pass on this idea to the powers that be at Fenway.)