As I have done for the past three years, I am asking for a list (anywhere from one to as many as you’d like) of the books you’ve most enjoyed reading in 2011.

There is no definition to the kind of book which you might add to this list. They can be fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, science, mystery, romance, hobbies, children’s books, etc. I am just looking for what you truly enjoyed this past year (old or new books) with the thought that others might get some ideas for their reading in 2012.

Even if you think others may recommend a particular book that you liked, please include it on your list. Some folks like to know that more than one or two MillersTime readers have enjoyed a given title.

Send me your list ( and include whether the book is fiction or non-fiction and perhaps a sentence or two stating what made this book so enjoyable for you.

Please send your list in the next several weeks so that I can post the results at the beginning of January. Also, include with your list whether you are using any of the various electronic readers.

Last year there were 50+ folks who participated (The ‘plus’ folks include those ‘late bloomers’ who sent in their titles after I had already posted the 2010 list). That was more than enough for me to get a ‘to read’ list that was terrific. I know others appreciated the list too and are looking forward to this year’s ‘edtion.’

And why am I hoping for even a few more participants this year?

I guess I think that with more folks there will be both more variety as well as some similarity in choices. Plus, slightly increasing the number of participants for some reason encourages me to continue with MillersTime.

Thanx in advance.