Linked here are two articles having to do with what is occurring in our country which I believe are worthy of your time. Both were printed in the current (Nov. 28) issue of New York Magazine.

The first one is by conservative writer David Frum, a former economic speech writer for President George W. Bush, a former contributing editor to the National Review, and the author of six books. Here he writes about a Republican Party he doesn’t recognize and one he fears is self destructing.

“When Did the GOP Lose Touch with Reality,” by David Frum – – Click Here

The second link is the latest article by Frank Rich. He draws some parallels between John Kennedy and Barack Obama, not ones that you might expect but ones having to do with the climate of hate both have encountered.

“How Obama’s Presidency Mirrors JFK’s, by Frank Rich — Click Here

And as always, please feel free to comment on one or both.