Now that we have to suffer with no beisbol (as my friend Nelson refers to it) until the mid Feb. spring training reporting time, I thought I might offer a small contest for the Hot Stove League participants amongst you.

So here it is:

Predict some occurrence that will happen this winter (e.g., Pujois signing with the Yankees, Tito being chosen as manager of the Cubs, or perhaps Torre going to the Sox as a manager, etc).

You may submit as many predictions as you can conjure up.

As with the 2011 ‘Make a Prediction’ contest, I’ll take the winter predictions that come true and ask MillersTime GoSox followers to vote on which prediction should be chosen as the best, the winner.

Get your prediction to me either by putting it in the Comment section below or by sending it to my email:

Deadline for submission: Dec. 1, 2011.

Prize? I’m open to suggestions there too. But if nothing better is suggested, then the winner can choose a game in any stadium for the 2012 season, and I’ll get him/her two tickets.

PS – Feel free to pass on this contest to a friend, and if he/she enters, mentions your name, and wins, you will too.

* – The old spelling, as Old Hoss Radbourn often reminds us.