You may have seen over the past year or two that every so often there has been a posting from someone other than moi.

I wanted to make it known to everyone that I am open to posting ‘articles’ from all of you. More than open, I encourage folks to consider writing for MillersTime. You can review movies, books, plays, restaurants, comment on political and social happenings, push an idea, ask or answer a question, describe an interest, write about a trip, a hobby or even something about baseball.  You can also send pictures or brag about someone in your family.

You can ask for responses, and if you have something that you have been wanting others to read, fiction, non-fiction, or whatever, consider MillersTime as a possible site on which to ‘publish’ your writing or your thoughts. You can also ask me to repost something you may have written and posted elsewhere. And you can suggest links to articles that you believe others may enjoy.

There is no specific format or guideline, other than to be civil in your writing. Other than a bit of editing for format, I don’t change any substance of what folks write.

So consider this an open offer for you to have a place to post something that you would like to have others read. And your compensation will be the same as mine: nothing financial but just the chance to let others know something that is interesting or important to you.