Needed: at least eight folks to vote for the winner of Contest #1 – The Best Prediction for the 2011 Season. See Below for details.


But first, some other results:

I. The wisdom of the ‘masses’ (aka ‘MillersTime Baseball Wizards’) was anything but…

Of the three top predictions made by the 44 contestants, only one came true. And that one was only partially true.

Not True: Phillies and Red Sox in the World Series

Not True: Sox will beat the Phillies in the WS.

Partially True: Nationals will improve this year to a season record of 71-91. They actually ended with a record of 80-81.


II. In Contest #6, Who Will Win the WS, there are only three folks still alive:

LL – Brewers over the Sox

TE – Cards over the Angels

TL – Rangers over the Giants

Note: The TE and TL above have already won earlier MillersTime contests, including ones this year.

Update: 10/17 – Looks as if either TE or TL will win his/her second contest of this year. Wow.

III. As for Contest #1, Make your Best Prediction for the 2011 Season, we have a number of folks who missed by a mile:

CE – O’s biggest improvement from 66-96 to 96-66, just enough to win the AL East (ed. – final 2011 record was 69-93)

RL – Mets exceed low expectations and come out top in NL East (ed. – ended 2011 in fourth place in their division, 25 games out of first)

JS – Os not in cellar (ed. – Os in cellar, 28 games out of first and 12 games behind Toronto)

DS – Manny R 30 dingers, named comeback player of year despite outlandish things he does in August (ed. – no explanation necessary here)

KG – Diamondback worst record of any team (ed. – they were first in their division with a won-loss record of 94-68)

AB – Jason Werth will hit over .300 (ed. – he hit .232)

TG – Os do better than the Nats (ed. – ha, see above)

LW – Giambi wins batting title by 15 points (ed. – who?)

On the other hand, we have 10 Wizzards who are alive in Contest #1 with their predictions.  Please vote for which ONE of the ten you think made the best prediction.

Send me your choice in the Comments’ Section below or email me at

Choose from these predictions:

  1. Phillies will have the best record in baseball (they did at 102-60)
  2. Sox continue their decline (they did from 90-72 to 89-73)
  3. Stephen Strasburg will start a game in 2011 (he started several)
  4. Adrian Gonzales will have more HRs and a higher BA than A-Rod, who will have more RBIs (the first two of these are correct)
  5. Buchholz ERA will be up by at least a full point (or more) from his 2.33 in 2010 (his ERA in 2011 ended up 3.48)
  6. At least one team, probably the Braves, will claim it lost the race for the playoffs because of illness (flu).
  7. Jeter has one last monster year before fading into obscurity, hitting .320, getting himself a big multi-year contract (ill advised as it is), gets hurt in the 2011 playoffs (a bit of truth in this one)
  8. Astros continue their slide in AL Central from their 2010 record of 70-92 (their 2011 record was 56-106)
  9. Neither the Phillies nor the Sox will be in the WS
  10. Jeter will get his 3000 hit

Please vote by the end of the 2011 WS. Only vote one time. And you may vote for your own prediction. You may even encourage your friends to vote.